Why You Should Move To Canada

Semhal Kahsay

Canada offers so many opportunities for immigrants who move to Canada to chase the Canadian dream.

I am an immigrant myself who has had experience living in Canada for more than 4 years. I have previously had the opportunity to live in several countries like Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Turkey.

Even though it had been adventurous and eye-opening to live in other countries, at the end of the day when you decide to settle in a foreign country there are several factors to consider. Having said that, Canada is definitely on top of my list for the following reasons:

Here Are Why You Should Move To Canada

Health care

Everyone has access to health care regardless of income!. Whether you are a newcomer, a permanent resident or citizen, you are provided with benefits of visitation to the doctor, lab tests, immunizations, maternity, emergency care and any necessary surgeries.

Other services like dental, optometry and some certain medications are not included in the benefits and require you to pay out of pocket. Note that some of these health care benefits are provided to newcomers depending on their status in the country.


If you are a resident of Canada, elementary and high school education is free! Though postsecondary isn’t free, there are numerous programs in place to help pay for your post-secondary education such as grants and student loans that are provided by the government.

The only downside when applying to some universities is that some of them might have eligibility requirements that are tough to meet. So it’s important to prepare ahead of time and see if you qualify to apply to those educational institutions.


Canada is a very diverse nation where everybody feels welcome regardless of their gender, religion and race.  This provides an environment that is more culturally tolerant for all Canadians.

Canada has more multiculturalism than ever before because of people immigrating from all over the world.

Career opportunities

Even though the Canadian economy has taken a major hit in the service sector, there are still opportunities to be employed as essential workers. In time, when the  Canadian economy is healthy there will be jobs available in every industry that meets your need.


Low Crime Rate

One of the main reasons as to why immigrants take refuge in Canda because of its stability and strong safety record. According to US News Canada is the second safest in its 2020 ranking.