Why Black People Still Need SPF

Why Black People Still Need SPF
Why Black People Still Need SPF

Ever hear the saying ” Black don crack?”, well, that’s not necessarily true. Some believe that a darker skin tone is less prone to sunburn.

This is a belief that is prevalent and needs to be debunked. The fact is, anyone, can get skin cancer regardless of their skin tone and that is why everyone should apply sunscreen.

One reason some might think black people don’t need sunscreen is the “tanning of the skin “. They assume that sunscreen is used to prevent your skin from getting darker. And since black people already have a darker skin tone, they don’t necessarily need sunscreen.

It’s important to understand the use of sunscreen before making such an uninformed conclusion. Sunscreen is used to prevent skin from the harmful effects of the sun, helps prevent sunburn and premature ageing.

And yes, you might have heard that some common myths about melanin being a good enough sunblock. It is true that melanin protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays but it’s not enough to keep your skin protected from sunburns.

Even if you are black or a darker skin tone, you will notice that in the summer your skin will be slightly darker. This is simple proof that your skin is just as susceptible to the effects of sunburn just as any other type of skin tone.

According to a study published by Healthline, black people with more melanin are less likely to have skin cancer. It could be argued that UV exposure might not be the main cause of cancer. If UV was the source of skin cancer, then why isn’t there a mass epidemic of cancer patients in sub-Sahara Africa.

It can be a bit challenging to find the right type of sunscreen for a darker skin tone. Using a lotion sunscreen is the least popular for black people because it leaves a white film over the skin making it hard to blend.

The good thing about the lotion sunscreen is that you get guaranteed sun protection. It might be hard to reach certain parts of your body and that’s where the spray sunscreen comes in handy.

This would be much more preferable. Not only will you be able to reach areas like your back and shoulders, but its also easier to blend into your skin regardless of your skin tone.


Most black individuals might not have been told to wear SPF when growing up but there needs to be more awareness when it comes to the risks and benefits of wearing sunscreen. And it’s important to understand that non-white people are not immune to common skin cancers.


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