What Is The Best Way To Get Canada PR

    What Is The Best Way To Get Canada Pr
    What Is The Best Way To Get Canada Pr

    Millions of people dream of having getting their permanent residents and starting their lives in Canada. Though the process of resettling here might not be easy, there are ways to make that happen depending on the criteria the applicant is able to meet.

    There are several immigration channels that are available to applicants which help in the processing of documents for immigrants.

    Students, as well as business investors and individuals with different professions, are able to seek out different opportunities and immigrate to Canada.

    It’s important that applicants have a well thought out plan and some savings to help them pay for the fees and processing. Having done thorough research we might think that we know all the steps to follow but it’s necessary to contact someone who is a professional for guidance.


    Here are The Best Ways To Get Your PR in Canada


    1.Express Entry Program

    This is an immigration system that was first introduced in 2015. Due to the easy process for skilled workers to migrate to Canada under 6 months, this entry program is a very popular immigration method.

    The comprehensive Ranking system tool is used to calculate the score of a candidate’s age, language competency and other experiences to determine eligibility.

    Other methods used for the Express Entry program are the Canadian PR visa, Federal Skilled Workers Program and Canadian Experience Class.


    2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

    If you are unable to get into Canada through the Express Entry program, all hope is not lost. Based on the individual’s skill, Canada allows provinces to recruit applicants depending on the demand and labour market. The applicant can either do a Canadian express entry or apply directly to the province for selection.


    3. Business Investor Program

    This method requires you to have a good chunk of money and is more suitable for business owners from foreign countries that want to set up their business in Canada.


    4. Work Permit with a Job Offer

    This is a responsibility that would fall both on the employer and the employee. The employer is required to give the employee a job letter and submit an application to the Employment In Social Development of Canada to help you in your case.

    It’s up to both parties to prove that the applicant has work or educational expertise to show for.

    The only negative thing about this program is that you are limited to one employer and if you have a change of mind, it’s going to require you to notify the authorities.


    5. Study Visa

    Thousands of international students take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the study visa every year. In order for the student to get a study visa, they must first be accepted by a university.

    Providing the required documentation can be laborious but if you are able to provide the necessary documentation to the CIC website on time, then there is a good chance that you can do your studies in Canada.


    6. Visitor Visa

    If you are not looking to stay here for more than a couple of days or months, this is the easiest way to apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa.

    As long as you are in good health, have a valid passport and enough financial resources to cover your stay, there aren’t many requirements. You could also avoid the hassle by applying online.

    Source: | Government Of Canada