The Most Valuable Brands In Canada 2020

The Most Valuable-Brands In Canada 2020
The Most Valuable-Brands In Canada 2020

When Canadians think of a brand, they think of Tim Hortons which is a truly Canadian brand. Everyone knows about it because it’s found in every corner.

According to the Brand finance Canada ranking, RBC defends the title of Canada’s most valuable brand, following a strong 26% growth to $22.7 billion.

TD ($18.3 billion) ranks 2nd, followed by Scotiabank ($14.7 billion) taking 3rd, and BMO ($13.2 billion) and CIBC ($10.4 billion) in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Banks have ranked on top of the list because they play a major role in people’s lives. From the first purchase of your car to your first home, all the life-changing decisions you make go through banks.

Here are Most Valuable Brands In Canada 2020

Ranking Brands CategoryBrand Value (USD)
2TD BankBanks20,104
3BellTelecom providers13,318
6Tim Hortons Fast Food 6,757
7Bank of MontrealBanks6,754
8RogersTelecom Providers 6,385
9Telus Telecom providers 5996
10CIBCBanks 4,948

Source |Retail Insider