The Most Powerful Women In the World 2020

The Most Powerful Women In The World 2020
The Most Powerful Women In The World 2020

From CEOs to government representatives, women are making their presence known by closing the gender gap in the work industry. More than ever, we are now seeing more women participating in running for office and climbing the ranks.

Even though its the 21st century, women are still under-represented in government positions, businesses and parliament. While there are currently 37 women in the fortune 500, slowly but steadily, the number is going up.

Women have had an influence behind the scenes for a long time and have overcome hurdles and barriers throughout history.

It is a continuing battle for many women and through the process, they have the ability to achieve power and notoriety setting an example for younger women.

The Most Powerful Women In The World 2020


1Angela Merkel65Germany
2Christine Lagarde64France
3Nancy Pelosi80United States
4Ursula von der Leyen61Germany
5Mary Barra58United States
6Melinda Gates55United States
7Abigail Johnson58United States
8Ana Patricia Botín59Spain
9Ginni Rometty63United States
10Marillyn Hewson66United States

Source | Forbes