The Most Corrupt Countries 2020

The Most Corrupt Countries 2020
The Most Corrupt Countries 2020

Corruption is prevalent across every country but the level of corruption is different from country to country. Corruption ranges from bribery to paid intimidation and sometimes as far as imprisoning journalists and opponents.

Corruption is directly tied in with the economic stability of a country. Western countries tend to follow non-violent ways where a whistleblower or journalist exposes corruption. Countries that have problems with their power structures and deal with economic stability tend to have the highest rate of corruption.

Transparency International defines corruption as the misuse of public power for private benefit.

Here are The Most Corrupt Countries 2020


RankCountryCorruption ScorePower Structure
1North Korea 8Dictatorship
2Somalia8Almost none
3Afghanistan11Islamic Republic
4Sudan12Federal Republic
5South Sudan 15 Republic
8Iraq16Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
9Venezuela17Federal Republic
10 Guinea-Bissau17Semi-Presidential Republic

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