The Best Universities In Ethiopia 2020

The best universities in Ethiopia
The best universities in Ethiopia

Many high school graduates look forward to starting their university and college journeys. For numerous youngsters, education is their only way out of underserved communities in Ethiopia.

The only downside to the education system is that you don’t necessarily have a say in which university you get sent to. With most universities being owned by the Ethiopian government, students are left with limited options.

It’s more like a lottery system where a student would choose a list of universities they would like to go to and depending on the grades and other factors they get assigned to a university.

Due to this reasoning, some students choose to go to other private institutions while others with no options are forced to go to post-secondary schools that they might not have wanted.

Having said that, the following top 10 universities are ranked based on their quality of education.


RankingUniversity Town
1Addis Ababa UniversityAddis Ababa
2Jimma UniversityJimma
3Hawassa UniversityAwasa
4Arba Minch UniversityArba Minch
5Adama Science and Technology UniversityAdama
6Mekelle UniversityMekelle
7Bahir Dar UniversityBahir Dar
8Haramaya UniversityHaramaya
9University of GondarGondar
10Addis Ababa Science and Technology UniversityAddis Ababa

Source: | 4icu