The Best Hospitals In Canada 2020

The Best Hospitals In Canada 2020
The Best Hospitals In Canada 2020

If you were asked to name the best clinics in Canada, you might mention Toronto General-University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Mount Sinai Hospital.

As most of you guys already know that Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world as well as the best universal healthcare making it accessible regardless of your income.

Newsweek and Statista teamed up to rank the best hospitals in 21 countries.

Here are The Best the In Canada 2020


1. Toronto General – University Health Network

Score: 91.7%
City: Toronto
Hospital Beds: 727


2. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Score: 88.9%
City: Toronto
Hospital Beds: 526


3. Mount Sinai Hospital

Score: 87.7%
City: Toronto
Hospital Beds: 308


4.North York General Hospital

Score: 87.5%
City: Toronto
Hospital Beds: 336


5.Jewish General Hospital

Score: 86.0%
City: Montreal
Hospital Beds: 492


6. Rockyview General Hospital

Score: 85.7%
City: Calgary
Hospital Beds: 500


7. Vancouver General Hospital

Score: 84.5%
City: Vancouver
Hospital Beds: 1,900


8. Foothills Medical Centre

Score: 84.3%
City: Calgary
Hospital Beds: 912


9. Montreal General Hospital – McGill University Health Centre

Score: 83.3%
City: Montreal
Hospital Beds: 989


10. St. Michael’s Hospital

Score: 83.2%
City: Toronto
Hospital Beds: 411


Hospitals/ Clinics ScoreCity Hospital Beds
Toronto General - University Health Network91.7%Toronto727
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre88.9%Toronto526
Mount Sinai Hospital87.7%Toronto308
North York General Hospital87.5%Toronto336
Jewish General Hospital86.0%Montreal492
Rockyview General Hospital85.7%Calgary500
Vancouver General Hospital84.5%Vancouver1,900
Foothills Medical Centre84.3%Calgary912
Montreal General Hospital - McGill University Health Centre83.3%Montreal989
St. Michael’s Hospital83.2%Toronto411

Source: Newsweek