Leading Causes of Death Canada 2020

Leading Causes of Death Canada 2020
Leading Causes of Death Canada 2020

Generally speaking, Canadians have a high life expectancy with an average age of 82.8. This is a good indicator of the level of not just the overall health of the country but also their economic status.

While some might question the quality of the Canadian healthcare system but its important note that the healthy life expectancy of Canadians is much better not just other countries but our friends in the south ( USA ).

You might be surprised to know that immigrants have had a major part to play in boosting the high longevity of life expectancy. The immigration system has put in place a very rigorous system to screen out only the mentally and physically fit.

The socio-economic factors which are a direct reflection of education, national income-per-capita and affordability of healthcare are some of the reasons for high life expectancies.

It’s also a good thing that a majority of Canadians don’t have a habit of smoking which has resulted in a lower rate of early deaths.

While the figures have remained positive over the years, COVID-19 has targeted the older age group. This has definitely increased the number of deaths in different regions of the provinces with a median age of 84. It’s likely that these individuals have pre-existing conditions but its no doubt that

Here are The Leading Causes of Death Canada 2020

1Coronary Heart Disease38,323
2Lung Cancers20,678
3Alzheimers /Dementia25,361
4Lung Disease14,190
5Breast Cancer5,805
7Colon-Rectum Cancers9,659
8Prostate Cancer4,484
10Diabetes Mellitus6,941


Source: World Life Expectancy