If You Love Travel & Food These would be Great Jobs For You

Although there are not many careers that are entirely focused on travel and food, there are several career options that involve travel and food in some way.

For those interested in one of these positions, we have created a short list of possible job options below.

If You Love Travel & Food These Would be  Great Jobs For You

Travel Agents

Travel agents work daily with individuals or groups to help plan and organize their travels, and the agent’s job often allows them to travel and experience firsthand the opportunities they offer their clients. Planning trips for clients may even include recommending particular restaurants, purchasing meal plans or otherwise planning food and meals for the trip. Travel agents also arrange for transportation, accommodations and excursions or activities their clients may want or need.

They handle any last minute changes, and ensure that the cost of the trip is well within the client’s budget. These professionals need a high school diploma, and may need some formal training.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants travel regularly on airlines and take care of the passengers on the flight. They serve passengers food and beverages during the flight. Longer flights may even require them to heat up and prepare full meals for passengers, as opposed to snacks on shorter flights. Flight attendants also ensure the safety of everyone on a flight, and respond to emergency situations that may occur.

Flight attendants need a high school diploma, and must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They also need on-the-job training.

Chefs and Head Cooks

Chefs and head cooks prepare food and oversee the kitchen staff in various eating establishments. Their work could allow them to travel for education and training, or require them to travel to meet the needs of their employer. However, more commonly, chefs and head cooks prepare specialty recipes in their establishment for travelers from near or far to come and enjoy.

These professionals plan menus, check the quality of their ingredients, maintain inventory and ensure that their kitchen remains safe and sanitary. Chefs and head cooks may choose to earn a degree from culinary school or other institutions, or they may gain training through apprenticeships and/or on-the-job training.

Lodging Managers

Lodging managers oversee the daily activities of their establishments that offer various accommodations for traveling guests. This may include overseeing eating establishments that are a part of the hotel or supervising meals and/or snacks that are offered to guests as a part of their stay.

Lodging managers likely oversee the staff involved in providing meals, as well as the cleaning and hospitality staff. These managers monitor the establishment’s budget, resolve any situations or concerns that arise with guests and ensure the cleanliness and safety of their establishment.

The majority of lodging managers have a bachelor’s degree, but there may be a few managers that only have an associate’s degree, certificate or high school diploma and experience in the field.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors make a living creating various kinds of written content for publication. They may write books, blogs, songs, plays and more. Although not all writers and authors will travel and/or write about food, some food or travel bloggers may travel and write about different meals and how they are a specialty of a particular region or culture. Another example may be that of writer who serves as a food critic for a publication and needs to travel to various restaurants to try different meals.

Writers and authors typically work with an editor to prepare their drafts for publication. Most of these professionals have a college degree and some experience writing.