How To Avoid Procrastination

How To Avoid Procrastination
How To Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination kills many dreams beacuse we all say that we are going to do that one important task later which then turns to tomorrow, and the cycles continue. We end up never achieving ours because of the procrastination.

Many Students run into procrastination during their time at university or college because of distractions around them.

The reason we procrastinate could be because we think we could do the task until we find the courage to do so.

Waiting to do it last minute could make you panic even more which could lead you to submit incomplete work or submit it late.

Here are the ways How To Avoid Procrastination

1. Get organized

Not having your to-do list organized makes getting your work done much tougher. Using calendars, sticky notes and other methods of reminders to help you keep track of your deadlines


2.Set simple, achievable goals

Starting off with the simplest task will help you to get your engine running. After completing the simpler tasks, it becomes much easier to tackle the tasks that seem to be more daunting.


3. Create a timeline/ schedule

Creating a timeline will help you segment the work you are going to do ahead of time. This way the work won’t pile up last minute and will make it more manageable.


4. Set a deadline

We all have some tasks and responsibilities that we have put off for a later date. Setting a specific date for your goals. In the case of unplanned events or unexpected situations, you will have done your work before the deadline.



5. Get rid of distraction

If you tend to spend a lot of time on social media, make sure you restrict yourself from using your phone or computer for those purposes. Distractions can also come from your own siblings. If you don’t have a quiet area in the house to study in, find a library or a cafe that has minimum chatter.



6.Time yourself

Having a lot of tasks on hand can stress you out and could lead to more excuses for procrastination. setting your timer will not only help you train for the time limits of exams but it will also help prevent burn out



7. Take a break

After some rigorous studying, we all need a break. You could either put a day aside to have some “you time” or you could also take mini breaks in between your studies.


8. Use incentives

It’s important to have an incentive, to work towards your goal. You could treat your self to a McDonald’s meal or you could watch an episode of your favourite show.


9. Get the hard stuff done first

It’s going to be tempting to push the harder tasks further. You would feel so much better after completing this task. You won’t stress or have anxiety about it and you will be able to sleep better at night.


10. Tell someone about your goal

When having friends in the same department, it’s more likely that they will remind you of the tasks and responsibilities you have. The support you get from the person you are telling will also motivate you.

Source| college express