Healthiest Ways To Boost Your Health During Quarantine

Staying Healthy

We live in such unprecedented times where we have had to readjust to the new norm during the COVID-19 era. Staying healthy is more important than ever before,

with the restrictions of not being able to go to the gym and the public parks we have had come up with creative ways to stay healthy.

Even though working out might not be an option for many of us , we can still control what we consume to maintain a healthy eating habit.


Here are the healthiest ways you can boost your health during quarantine



10. Make time to exercise every day

Even though we do not have access to the gym we can still stay fit doing numerous exercises such as core and cardio that do not require any equipment. There are also great apps that can make developing a regular exercise routine easier.



9. Go to bed at the same time each night

The pandemic has not only disrupted the normal day to day life of school and work but it has also confused our sleep pattern.Its likely that we find ourselves thinking restlessly about things that cause us anxiety or stress.Limiting the use of  screen time on social media and news could provide a better environment for better sleep.


8. Reach out to friends and family

People need people. Even though we might not have had regular communication with our friends and family before the pandemic, its important that we have some one to talk to.


7. Limit added sugar

consuming added sugar can raise your health risk of developing long term health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, In a recent research , the addictive brain cells that lights up when you  consume cocaine lights up when you consume added sugar.


6. Develop daily meditation habits

With the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic,many people are having anxiety and panic attacks due to the financial stress and disruption of regular routines.Developing a daily routine of meditating will help you mitigate anxiety, panic attacks and your stress level.


5. Eat fruits and vegetable

You know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” , same concept.Eating your fruits and vegetables will boost your vitamin and mineral levels and keep your overall system healthy.


4. Gain a new skill

We all want to gain a new skill  but never really  have the time. Well now is our chance. There are numerous websites that offer free courses such as coursera &, Alison , Edx.

Whether its that one software you need to learn or a new hobby, keeping yourself busy during this time, could be a one time opportunity to gain a new skill.


3. Great time to invest in stock market

As the market is performing at its worst level , and as many investors are selling their stocks, the prices of stocks are dropping which means that you can pick them up at below market rates.

When the market rebounds, you can keep the stocks you purchased or flip them for quick profits.


2. Perfect time to spring cleaning

This is a good time to get rid of items you don’t  use on a regular basis from your garage. Some of the things you could do are like clean the windows , mow the grass and clean your cabinets. This could help you be more productive with your time as well as prepare you for the summer time.


1.Drink a lot of H2O

Many of us don’t drink the recommended amount of water(8 cups).Drinking the right amount of water will keep your body temperature within the normal range, boosts skin health and beauty and helps maintain blood pressure.