Expect The Highest Divorce Rate In Canada

Expect The Highest Divorce Rate In Canada
Judge Mallet Between Expect The Highest Divorce Rate In Canada

Shortage of time is usually the problem couples mention to be the reason for the lack of their bond and connection. So, why aren’t people taking advantage of this opportunity to work on their relationships?

While some couples have gotten closer during the pandemic, it hasn’t been the case for others.

The uncertainty of the future in the guarantee of their jobs is causing financial stress and pushing them towards divorce. The frustration of being forced to live together for such a long time could instigate underlying problems.

“People are calling for advice if the relationship isn’t working. I did have one client going through a divorce, and when the pandemic started, her husband was hospitalized, and that pulled her back into the relationship.”

Toronto’s Usman Sadiq, with Sadiq Professional Law Corporation, says he hasn’t noticed an increase in people accessing his web page called Simpledivorce.ca.

Bloomberg is reporting that cities in China such as Xi’an and Dazhou recorded record-high numbers of divorce filings at the beginning of March, creating backlogs in government offices this could be an insight into the future of some couples in Canada.

Even though the superior courts are only dealing with urgent matters, it doesn’t mean that divorce proceedings have to come to a halt. Until things get back to normal, there are temporary things couples could do to get their affairs in order.

A smart way to go about dealing with this issue is first to find legal counsel.

Lawyers are considered to be essential workers and, therefore, can be reached using different online tools remotely. It’s crucial to stay in touch and update the lawyer.

It could also be an excellent time to look at your assets and liabilities. The unpredictability of your future finances, it’s advisable that you equip yourself with the necessary information with the aid of your financial advisor.

At a time where a majority of workers have been left jobless, calling it quits could be pricey.


Source: | Toronto Sun