CEO and Founder of AMG Brands Network

CEO and Founder of AMG Brands Network
CEO and Founder of AMG Brands Network

Anwar Abdi is an Ethiopian-Canadian business executive and Digital Journalist. He went from running track to running multiple Networks. He is also the founder of Ethiopian Gazette, which caters to the Ethiopian community.

Anwar Abdi is also the Chief Operating Officer at AMG Brands Network Inc. Previously He Worked as an Education Writer at HuffPost, and he is a former Chief Operating Officer and Head of Recruitment at the University Magazine.

Mr. Abdi received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at the University of Windsor and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at The University of Alabama.

He has the second-largest market share publishing student’s content in Canada. AMG Brands Network Inc. is not limited to Canda. Anwar aspires to keep expanding to international student markets such as Germany, India and Australia.

The site is currently operating in the US, UK, India, Australia and many more.AMG brands recently acquired Daily Foods, a website that helps readers know more about nutrition.

Anwar’s long term vision is to invest in start-up companies, mainly in technology and digital media across the world. AMG Brands Network has a future plan of listing on the stock exchange and to diversifying its portfolio from retail to real estate and much more.

He also acts as a mentor to his team members and is a role model to other start-up businesses. He takes on the role of a leader by helping his mentees set up their online business. Anwar takes time out of his busy schedule to answer any questions they might have at any given time.

Starting up his business had required him to do a lot of research on his own and take the initiative to build his sites through trials and errors. His experience in track and field has helped him apply transferable skill sets and  the disciplines to boost his ranking and revenue. As digital media is very competitive, the ability to adapt is key to success in the media industry.

In order to be successful in any business, you have to be able to take well thought out and calculated risks. With the time and effort Anwar has put into his business, not only has he achieved growth personally but he has also been able to create jobs and internships for students.