Career Passion Vs Money 2020

Career Passion Vs Money 2020
Career Passion Vs Money 2020

When it comes to career choices, it’s common to have a dilemma between going with your passion or going for the cha-ching!!!!. Early after graduation from high school, most of us delve into programs without having given it much thought or without having done much research on the job market forecast.

Of course, we all want a job that’s rewarding but we need to consider the pay as well as what the demand in the job market is like. When someone pursues their hobby, they need to ask themselves if it’s going to provide them with a stable income.

Some have managed to my their hobbies a full-time job but this is not the case for many. There are responsibilities like rent, kids and loans to pay off and these financial responsibilities.

Those who don’t necessarily care about passion and want money might not have the passion for the work they are doing but they might develop that passion over time. It might also have to do with the satisfaction that they get from the high paying job.

Millennials would rather follow their passion than working a 9-5 job that doesn’t give them any type of fulfillment or happiness.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should follow your passion.


1. Life is too short

As the saying goes, “you only have one life “. It’s never okay to settle for a job that you don’t enjoy doing. Our time is limited on this earth and if you do have the opportunity to pursue your dream job, you should make moves instead of having regrets later in life.


2. It gives you a sense of purpose

Instead of doing a monotonous job that you don’t care about, you should follow your passion and have a sense of purpose in your life


3. It won’t feel like work to you

You won’t have to force yourself out of bed every single morning when you have a job that you are passionate about. You will be excited to start your day.


4. You’ll add more value to the world

When you are doing what you love in life, you will give it your all and give more than what’s expected. For some, they are able to do the work effortlessly to add value to other’s lives.


5. You will ignore the naysayers

You will most likely have some friends and close people around you that won’t be as supportive when you decide to pursue your dreams. They try to give you advice on reality and the consequences of the failures you will encounter. When you want to pursue your dreams, you will have to learn to ignore the negativity


Here are the top reasons why you should choose a money-making career


1. It ignores the market

You cant be a starving artist and expect to survive on a passion that doesn’t pay. This includes doing pointless degrees that don’t have any jobs available on the market.


2.Financial stability

Choosing a paycheck is a smart strategic decision for financial stability. You also have the freedom of quitting and being secure enough to begin other endeavours


3.Passion is fiery

Being overly passionate about a certain type of career can lead you to make decisions emotionally. It can also lead you to make choices that could compromise other things that are important to you.


4. Leads to better opportunities

Money can help you fund your passion. Money can get you more opportunities and this can happen through having a career that gets you money.


5. Job guarantee

You are most likely to have a guarantee of a paycheque when you get a job. That in itself gives you inner peace knowing that you have a paycheque coming your way.


Source| Wonderlustworker