Best Jobs For Students During COVID


The COVID 19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close down their doors due to mandatory health lockdown, and a lot of companies went under because they weren’t able to continue operating at a loss.

Many retailers and mom-and-pop stores are already strugglings in the Amazon era, which is not good news for students as small businesses are the majority of employers for the youth.

While the prospects of getting a job might seem dim, there are several jobs still available across the country.

Here are the different jobs you can get during COVID-19


1.Agrifood sector

Agrifood sector
Agrifood sector

The agri-food sector doesn’t only deal with crops and cattle but it also includes seafood and beverage processing. This has always been a vital and essential sector even before the pandemic. With the continuous increase in population and demand for high-quality food, now more than ever, the need for labour has gone up.

The government of Canada is putting in a lot of resources to support the expansion of the agri-food sector. This would not only allow the farmers to grow their businesses but it would also create more jobs and offer customers more options to shop online from home.


  • Agriculture, farming and harvesting
  • Food processing
  • Food transportation and warehousing
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Aquaculture, fishing


2. Job in essential services

Job in essential services
Job in essential services

Most students might have depended on travel and tourism summer jobs for income and while that sector might have been hit hard, other industries like transportation, food services and health are still in need of labour.

While might not be easy finding a job during the pandemic there are many jobs that require no experience. These are jobs that can be done between semesters during the summer.


  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Transportation and logistics


3. Working from home

working from home
working from home

Most of us have already transitioned to working remotely from our homes. While some businesses might be reopening, online or telework still seems to be a method of conducting day to day work.

While working from home might be hard with all the distractions around us, some might see the positive side of cutting down lengthy times and boosting their creativity.


  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Information Tech
  • Communications
  • Banking and finance


4. Different work field

other work field
other work field

We have seen a tremendous shift in the economy and job market since COVID. There were up to 3.1 million Canadians who lost their jobs during March of 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. The number of jobs lost has increased significantly since March as businesses continue to shut down.

It’s important to be flexible and open-minded about working in a different sector. There might be some transferrable skills that you picked up from your previous expertise that could be useful in the next position you take as an essential worker.


  • Retail salesperson
  • Foodservice supervisors
  • Administrative assistants
  • Customer and information services




Being unable to find a job doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stand aside and do nothing. Volunteering during this pandemic could give individuals a purpose during this crisis and could be a great way of giving back to the community.

Working as a volunteer reduces stress and loneliness and creates a sense of common purpose with other volunteer workers. If you do end up getting the opportunity to work in your area of expertise, it will also help you keep up your skills.